At Coca-Cola Oceania, we’ve continued our efforts to help address concerns around wellbeing.

We’ve listened and learned from the public health community, our customers, staff and our consumers to understand the most appropriate role we can play to support the fight against obesity in a way that is credible, transparent and beneficial for everyone.

We believe we can play an important role in helping consumers moderate their consumption of sugar by evolving our portfolio of drinks to reduce sugar in existing recipes, introducing more low and no-sugar brands globally, investing in sugar alternatives and continuing to expand the availability of smaller packages.

In 2018, Coca-Cola New Zealand committed to reducing the sugar content across our entire portfolio by 10% by 2020. Read more about our Marketplace Actions that support our targets.

As part of our transparent approach, we have made a commitment to annually disclose any of our investments to health and wellbeing scientific research or community partnerships. 

Here you will find the latest updates to our list of health and wellbeing related partnerships and scientific research