The world has a packaging problem. Plastic bottles, cans, and other containers keep ending up in our oceans and waterways or littering the communities in which we all live and work. 

This is a problem we committed to help solve. In January 2018 our global CEO, James Quincey, announced an industry-first goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030.

Our program is called ‘World Without Waste’ and it signals a renewed focus on the entire packaging lifecycle, from how bottles and cans are designed and made, to how they’re recycled and repurposed. 

“Consumers around the world care about our planet. They want and expect companies like ours to be leaders and help make a litter-free world possible,” said James Quincey, president and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company. 

“Through our ‘World Without Waste’ vision, we are investing in our planet and in our packaging to help make the world’s packaging problem a thing of the past,” he said.

We’ve made strides in several key areas, with more work to come. Here’s a top line look at the numbers: