With summer now officially here, opening the fridge in your local dairy is about to unleash a veritable rainbow.

“We know that colour is a way teens express themselves and we know colour is a powerful happiness cue” explained Coca-Cola Brand Manager, Pip Mearns. “And research has taught us that teens just want to be happy. The limited edition range of 300ml coloured Coke and Coke Zero cans transform all things routine and regimented into a vibrant teen world, full of colour and happiness”.

Along with the classic Coke red, four limited edition colours will be available: blue, pink, purple and orange in both classic Coca-Cola and Coke Zero. “From a design perspective it was important that we retained the vibrancy of Coke,” said Pip. “The boldness of the colour was really important for us”.

Creating the multi-colour campaign wasn't as simple as choosing the palette and pushing a button. Each of the five colours, including classic Coke red, were produced in single colours – this gave the team single colour pallets that needed to showcase five.

This saw a return to a long-standing tradition to ensure customers received a selection of different coloured cans – manually packing trays and re-stacking pallets. The single colour pallets were sent offsite to a supplier for packing into mixed trays. They were manually opened, unpacked and repacked ensuring an even colour split.

So far the New Zealand team have produced 2.5 million coloured cans and are currently sending off 50 pallets a day for repacking, making this campaign no easy feat.

This detailed approach was as disruptive and innovative as the campaign itself and all worth it in the end. 

Limited edition coloured cans of Coca-Cola and Coke Zero will be available in-store nationwide from December – what’s your colour of summer?