Whether a skateboard is your jam, you like to kick it on a long board, carve it up on a surf board or cruise along on a stand-up paddle board, Journey NZ staff chewed the fat about surfing and board making with the top board maker Steve Morris - the guy behind this summer’s limited edition, custom-made boards for MYCOKE prizewinners.

Carving it up on the waves.

When did you start surfing?

I started when I was 13 and once I'd ridden my first wave I was hooked. I’ve surfed as much as possible since.

Where’s your favourite surf spot?

It would have to be Kaikoura – there are so many good waves and I’ve got some great memories surfing there.

How long have you been making boards?

I started making boards in my parents garage in 1994. My early boards were made under the SM logo. In 2003 I made the change to Morris Surfboards and have made 2977 of these to date.

What are the key things to get right?

The rocker or bottom curve of the board as this is what you use to surf and paddle. The rest of the board fits around this key design feature.

What makes a good board?

Making a good board is mostly about getting all the key elements right. For the most part I make custom boards. This all starts with the customer or design brief you are making the board for, getting all the information together and shaping to that plan. The better I understand the needs of the individual, the better the board will be for them.

I like to make my boards go as fast as possible as performance surfing and manoeuvres are all based on speed.

What makes your boards unique?

I make such a wide variety of board lengths and designs so they all have a different look or style. All my boards are made off my own templates and curves so in that way they are unique.

Board maker Steve Morris with one of his limited edition, custom made skateboards.

What inspires your design?

I draw inspiration from the top shapers around the world and try to combine those ideas and designs into my boards which are made specifically for New Zealand waves.

What are special about the boards you have made for the My Coke prize?

The longboard is my Gem model 9'6 x 23" x 3"  70L volume single fin. It's a traditional cruiser style longboard which covers a wide range of ages and abilities. It's a very easy board to surf and catch waves on.

For more information or to enter go to www.coke.co.nz/mycoke