As part of our global mission to create a World Without Waste, Coca-Cola is committed to increasing the collection and recycling of plastic bottles and cans in the Pacific Islands. Here’s what we are doing in Fiji and Samoa.

Giving Sprite bottles a better chance at new life

Sprite’s status among the world’s most recognised brands can largely be attributed to its signature green bottle. However, in 2019 Fiji became the first country in the South Pacific to launch Sprite in a clear bottle, a change designed to make the bottles more easily recycled.

As beverage manufacturers it is Coca-Cola’s responsibility to have a long-term commitment to the sustainability of our packaging. Green PET plastic is recyclable – and recycled all over the world – but there is more demand from recyclers for clear PET plastic. With clear PET plastic, our bottles have a higher chance at becoming another bottle again and again, creating a circular solution for plastic.

The launch of the clear Sprite bottle coincided with 20 years of bottle and can recycling through Coca-Cola EuroPacific Fiji’s bottle buy-back scheme Mission Pacific which started in 1999 to drive positive recycling behaviour in Fiji, to help prevent plastic bottles and cans from going to landfill or worse, make their way into the marine environment. It now collects and recycles on average over 200 tonnes of plastic bottles per year.

Enabling collection and recycling in Samoa

Thanks to a WS$100,000 grant from The Coca Cola Foundation, the Samoa Recycling and Waste Management Association (SRWMA) has set-up its first plastic bottle and can recycling scheme in Apia.

The initiative currently has 33 recycling cages for cans and plastic bottles dotted around the island’s busiest locations. SWRMA will then pick up the material and transport it to its site for export and recycling.

SWRMA president Marina Keil was delighted to establish Samoa’s first collection and recycling programme.

“Samoan people are very proud of our beautiful country. The last thing we want is to see bottles and cans in the environment. This programme means the bottles and cans can now not only be collected but recycled into something else. The more we collect, the more we can recycle, ensuring the bottles have another life and don’t end up in the environment.”