The refrigerator may seem like an unusual place to pop the question. But when Donnie McGilvray of Tain, Scotland, discovered his girlfriend´s name on a Coke bottle, he knew he had found the perfect way to propose.

Coca-Cola bottles spell out Beautiful Eloise, will you marry me?

“Eloise always checks shops for stuff with her name on it, but never finds anything," Donnie explains. "I knew that Eloise was available on Coke bottles and checked every bottle that came in to the supermarket where I work.”

When he didn’t find her name in the store, Donnie went online to check (where consumers in 10 European countries can order personalized bottles with names printed on the labels).

“I knew she would love it if I proposed to her with something with her name on it. I was thrilled to find glass bottles,” he recalls. “By this time I thought I was also going to use ‘Will’ and ‘Mhairi’, a Scottish name that sounds like Marry. But when I typed in M, Marry came up, as did all the other words that I needed.”

Donnie and Eloise
Donnie and Eloise

Once the bottles arrived, and were carefully hidden in the garage, Donnie went to work to find the engagement ring. He says he knew then that the ring would be the "ice," perfectly placed in a Coca-Cola glass.

When Donnie asked Eloise to put the milk away in the fridge one evening, she had no idea what was coming next. Six Coke bottles were arranged to read: "Beautiful Eloise Will You Marry Me," with the ring stashed in the Coca-Cola glass next to a bouquet of flowers.

When she opened the door and saw the message, she was silent for a few moments before letting out a huge scream.

“'You've got my name!' she yelled. I asked her to pass me the glass, taking out the ring and proposing personally. She had tears in her eyes and a huge smile and said yes!” reminisces Donnie.

1 Million Likes

Congratulations Eloise and Donnie!

A few days later, after announcing the engagement to their families, the couple posted a picture of Donnie´s unique proposal to Coca-Cola’s Facebook page.

What happened next blew the couple away. The proposal quickly took the Interent by storm, generating coverage across all walks of media and receiving more than 1 million likes.

“We we were so happy and thought it would be fun to share the news with Coca-Cola. We were shocked when it took off the way it did! We can't believe that it has caught so many people’s imaginations,” says Donnie.

The couple has been overwhelmed by the well wishes and congratulations that have poured in from around the world. 

“We were amazed when Coca-Cola posted a congratulatory photo and when the CEO of Intervino, which prints the labels for Share a Coke in the UK, reached out to us. This made our engagement feel even more special. We are still stunned by the response!”

Donnie says that the Share a Coke bottles have been stored away as keepsakes, and that the wedding is planned for summer 2016. 

Coca-Cola Great Britain is helping the happy couple celebrate by providing Share a Coke products for their engagement celebrations and a voucher for a romantic dinner.