We live in the age of the selfie. It’s no secret that as a species, we’re pretty into taking photos with friends. So this summer, Coca-Cola Australia has a new campaign that not only encourages photography, but could get your face up on the big screen. 

At Hoyts Cinemas across Australia, Coca-Cola is installing specially-made photo booths as part of their summer colour campaign. Whenever they purchase a $2 250ml Coke from a vending machine, film-lovers get a free photo in the Coke booth. 

After choosing a favourite image and adding filters, the pic is sent to their smartphone for users to share. “We wanted to interact with people while they’re hanging out at the movies,” said Coca-Cola Customer Marketing Manager, Kara Jones, who spearheaded the project. “Because you’re often waiting a little while in the foyer, we thought it’d be really great to do something to keep people entertained.”

On the Big Screen

Not only will movie-goers get their photo with friends, but they’ll could get to see their faces alongside the stars of the screen. “The projectors in the cinemas connect to a central hub, and a collage of the photos taken at that cinema will be played across four screens in each location” explained Kara. “Even though you might not see it, your friends or family might!”

The initiative to promote the company’s new slimline cans was designed by Coca-Cola and New Zealand agency, Satellite. “They’ve created and built the Coke booths that we’ll be using around the country. They’ve developed all the technology behind it,” said Kara. “They’ve basically brought it to life.”

While the photo booths will be premiering at Hoyts Cinemas in Blacktown New South Wales, Melbourne Central in Victoria, Tee Tree Plaza in South Australia and Carousel in West Australia, there’s a chance they could tour more widely in 2015.

“At the moment, it’s just in Australia, but we’re already looking at launching this at a Hoyts location in New Zealand” said Kara. “I don’t see why it couldn’t be rolled out internationally - if there are other customers across the world, absolutely. Now that we have the software, it doesn’t take long to roll out. I think it’s going to be a fantastic success.”