Once again, New Zealanders will get to enjoy the combination of Coca-Cola with raspberry from November 1st.

It’s a Kiwi classic - adding a shot of raspberry syrup to your Coke. So Coca-Cola have just launched Coke Raspberry, adding a summertime treat for the upcoming festive season.

“Kiwis love creating their own Coke and raspberry mix which is as adding something a little bit ‘special’ to your Coke,” says Tracey Evans, marketing manager at Coca-Cola Oceania. “Coke Raspberry is going to be the perfect treat for people to take to their summer BBQ or party.”

Originally Coke Raspberry hit the shelves in 2006 and became one of the most popular limited-edition flavours ever released.

Evans said the reason for bringing back the combination was due to Kiwis asking for it on social media. “We had people asking for Coke Raspberry again so we listened and delivered.”

Now the new recipe features a fresh taste but with 25 percent less sugar1- in line with the company’s commitment to reduce sugar in a range of products.

This limited-edition flavour is expected to be a best-seller once again.

“When I think about Coke Raspberry, it tastes like the essence of a Kiwi summer roadie - fun, carefree, refreshing and youthful. We are excited to see what our fans think of our new recipe nearly ten years on,” Evans said.

Coke Raspberry will be available in supermarkets, petrol stations and dairies in a range of sizes and formats including 1.5L, 600ml, 4x 330ml cans and 440ml can from 1 November 2017.

1Compared to Coke Classic.