Last year, New Zealand was proudly named the first country in Oceania, and the 15th worldwide, to legalise same-sex marriage. 

Progressive and forward-thinking, New Zealand has helped to pave the way for diversity and equality with several US states, England and Wales closely following suit. Unsurprisingly, a new programme that recognised the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the New Zealand workplace formed in its wake; Rainbow Tick

Rainbow Tick is the first movement of its kind in New Zealand with the aim of encouraging organisations and companies to value diversity and inclusion, creating dynamic work environments that are reflective of today’s world.  Companies that demonstrate the value placed on diversity and inclusion are awarded with a Rainbow Tick accreditation.  

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand (CCANZ) was the first company to sign up for Rainbow Tick accreditation. On September 2 2014, CCANZ was announced as the second New Zealand organisation to receive a Rainbow Tick, closely following the accreditation of law firm Simpson Grierson. CCANZ are the first FMCG organisation in New Zealand to receive accreditation. 

Certification was received through an in-depth audit process, identifying company policies as expressly including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and intersex communities. Adequate training programmes and staff support as well as active involvement with the external LGBT community were also required.   

At CCANZ, diversity is as much as a strategy as it is a way of life. 

“Diversity for us at CCA in New Zealand is a central component of our people strategy and it would be with many organisations but we really understand that the talent that we need to come into our organisation and the talent that we need to retain in our organisation is changing all the time and it’s much more diverse now than it ever has been in the past” says Martin King, General Manager Human Resources (CCANZ). 

The advantages of embracing diversity are ten-fold, with Rainbow Tick identifying attracting and retaining good employees, brand enhancement and risk mitigation as some of the key benefits of a diverse company culture. 

King adds, “It’s an opportunity for organisations to come out, if you like. It’s been long enough. The time has come”.

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