Sandhya Pillay, General Manager, Coca-Cola Oceania

When your company name is recognised around the world—seen everywhere from the sides of rural sheds to the awnings of corner shops—it’s critical to listen to what people want and need from you. And as people’s tastes and lifestyles change from day to day, from generation to generation, we must change alongside, too.

And we are.

At The Coca-Cola Company, we’re evolving to give people around the world more of the drinks they want. And, as the leader of the beverage industry, we choose to do more—not just say more—when it comes to the global fight against obesity.

First, we’re rethinking many of our drinks and package sizes around the world to reduce kilojoules and sugar because we agree that while sugar in moderation is fine, too much of it isn’t good for anyone.

Our Actions in the Marketplace

We’re making our low-and-no sugar drinks more visible and available, so you can find them in more places when you want them. We’re also bringing many other drinks like coconut water, grab-and-go coffee, and juices to more people in more places.

At the same time, we’re providing smaller, more convenient packaging, making it easier for you to manage your sugar consumption and enjoy our drinks in the size you want.

We’re putting clear, easy-to-find kilojoule information right up front so you can make informed choices without the guesswork.

And finally, we’re diligently following our policy not to target advertising to children under 12 years old anywhere in the world. In New Zealand, Coca-Cola Oceania and its bottling partner CCANZ is committed to complying with the new ASA Children’s and Young Person’s Code that has a 25% audience threshold for children under 14.

We’re listening carefully and making sure you are firmly at the centre of our business strategy so we can continue to give you the drinks you know and love.

That is Our Way Forward.