A new campaign from Minute Maid has a message for hardworking, hard-on-themselves parents out there: You’re doing much better than you think.

The #doingood social campaign, which launched this week, celebrates the good in families everywhere with a fresh new spin on the juice brand’s familiar “Put good in. Get good out.” tagline. The campaign was built on the insight that many moms and dads struggle with feelings of guilt, anxiety and insecurity, and question whether they’re spending enough time with their kids or doing enough for their families. Social media feeds loaded with parenting advice and pictures and posts portraying “perfect” families add even more pressure.

“We wanted to remind parents of all the good things they do that make a big difference,” said Charles Torrey, vice president, Minute Maid Marketing. “Because we know that when it comes to making juice or raising a family, when you put good in, you get good out.”

Despite pervasive feelings of self-doubt, studies like those from Pew Research Center (Modern Parenthood, March 14, 2013) reveal that parents today spend 64% more time with their children than did parents in 1965.

Minute Maid

“We wanted to shine a light on the small, everyday moments of parental nurturing that make a big difference – such as playing catch or reading books,” said Guy Duncan, group director, integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola. “These are the moments kids remember, but that parents often don’t give themselves credit for.”

At the heart of the campaign is a digital film that bridges Minute Maid’s historic place at the family table into a modern-day conversation about “perfectly imperfect parenting.” The four-minute digital film produced by the Detroit-based agency, Doner, features real parents expressing genuine feelings of inadequacy. Their views change, however, after reading unexpected, heartfelt letters written by their children affirming that they are, in fact, doing an amazing job.

Doner, in collaboration with Minute Maid, took great care in casting the nine families who appear in the film, which was shot in early-March in the Los Angeles area. On the first day on set, it was clear they were in for a unique experience.

“We knew we wanted to capture an authentic, emotional connection between the parents and their kids,” said Jason Bergeron, creative director, Doner.

A few minutes into their first interview proved their instincts to be right. 

“We were filming a father with four daughters, and when he started reading the letter, you could feel his heart,” Bergeron added. “He got choked up… and all of us behind the camera – even the non-parents – were crying, too. We knew we had something special.”

The experience also gave the moms and dads a much-deserved confidence boost.

Minute Maid

“Seeing the parents’ reactions to the letters made all of us look at each other, nod our heads and smile,” said Chad Ackley, executive creative director, Doner. “Raising kids is one of hardest things you’ll ever do in life, and all parents face similar challenges, fears and concerns. But at the end of the day, they’re doing the best they can… and it’s paying off.”

Minute Maid is partnering with bloggers, Facebook, YouTube and a number of video seeding partners to promote the film across social media. The brand hopes to ignite a movement and encourage parents to recognize the good they – and others they know – put into their families every day. A second online film will release before Father’s Day.

The #doingood campaign also includes two new TV commercials and a revamped MinuteMaid.com, which will house a mix of product and lifestyle content including insightful parenting stories sourced from news outlets and readers. A focal point of the newly redesigned website will be the “Good Minute” blog that will feature original and curated content related to the #doingood mission.