When it comes to shopping for drinks, be it for yourself, your family or entertaining friends, you have a lot of choice — from sparkling, vitamin fortified or plain still water, to soft drink with or without sugar; tea, coffee, fruit juice and so on.

So how do you narrow down your options?

Well, to start, you might stick to what you trust and enjoy. That makes sense.

But if you want to watch your diet, try something new, or shop for other people’s dietary needs, our Nutrition Comparison Tool can come in handy.

Compare our drinks to make an informed choice

As part of our commitment to providing you with easy to understand nutrition information, we’ve created an online Nutrition Comparison Tool. Now you can:

• View our entire New Zealand drink range and explore your options before you buy
• Compare, side by side, the nutrition and kilojoule intake of any of our drinks (2 at a time)
• Compare ingredients
• Make informed decisions about what you are drinking
• Help pick the best options for your family

The comparison tool features more than 80 Coca-Cola products available in New Zealand. It can be easily viewed from your smartphone or tablet, so you can compare drinks when you’re out and about.

Also, both kilojoules and calories are listed, depending on which unit of measure you prefer.

Find out which drinks are the best for your body and lifestyle with Coke’s new Nutrition Comparison Tool. It lets you compare, side by side, the nutrition and kilojoule intake of Coca-Cola products available in New Zealand.