Happiness is intrinsic to Coca-Cola’s philosophy and spreading infectious happy moments is a fundamental way of life.

In Peru, the award-winning campaign Happy ID is leading this charge, in Australia they’re spreading happiness through physical activity with Happiness Cycle and during the recent FIFA World Cup, the faces of more than 200,000 football fans made an appearance on the pitch through Coca-Cola’s digitally produced Happiness Flag

Why happiness? Happy people are healthy people says Ruut Veenhoven. A recent interview with Veenhoven, member of the advisory board for the Happiness Institute and sociology professor at the University of Rotterdam, revealed that happy people are healthier people because they tend to pay more attention to their health.

Happy people “recover quicker from illness and live longer lives. Especially in predominantly healthy populations, the effect of a positive attitude on life expectancy is roughly the same as not smoking” says Veenhoven.

Like their global counterparts, Coca-Cola Oceania is committed to making a lasting difference and generating positivity in local communities. The latest Coca-Cola campaign to launch in New Zealand builds on this notion, aptly named Make Someone Happy.

The campaign celebrates making others happy, centred on the idea that if everybody made someone else happy just for a moment then great things could happen. The recently launched 30 second TV advertisement features strangers dancing and jumping their way through vibrant and unique inner-city hopscotch and people spontaneously enjoying anonymously installed park swings.

The commercial was shot throughout Auckland City from Downtown to Glendene including Coke NZ staff on set as extras which was “a great way of getting our staff involved and engaged behind our brands” notes Heidi Sommerville, Coca-Cola Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Oceania.

A highlight of the shoot was not only bringing the campaign to life but also creating happiness on set. “Seeing smiling faces of people on swings in Downtown Auckland swings shoot locations [was a highlight]” says Sommerville.  

Make someone happy today and join the conversation online #makinghappynz