The Coca-Cola Company's dynamic "flip-disk wall" at its Atlanta headquarters combines “flip dot” technology often used in wayfinding signage in train stations or along highways with computer technology to deliver a unique visual and physical experience for employees and guests. The red-and-white sides of the sign's dots alternate, creating large two-color images, messages and animations. 

Here are a few facts about the Coca-Cola flip-disk wall:

  • The wall is divided into two sections. The left side is 64 ft. by 20 ft., and the slightly smaller right wall is 48 ft. by 20 ft.
  • The display is made from recycled PET, and its 55,860 magnetically controlled, synchronized red-and-white disks display sweeping, artistic images and animations about brand Coca-Cola.
  • Most designs are slower-paced, quieter and fluid, with faster-paced, more complex images during high-traffic times.
  • Messages and images are designed in house and can be changed continuously or periodically by any networked computer. 
  • The display requires minimal energy and maintenance, and is made with durable, long-lasting parts.
  • A raised seating platform near the wall accommodates more than 40 people.
  • The wall is the largest installation of its type in the world.