In recent years, sugar substitute stevia has become a shopper’s favourite, especially for consumers trying to eat a balanced diet.

We’re always listening to our consumers to create new, innovative products that meet their needs – so we’ve come up with Coca-Cola Life.

Our newest innovation provides consumers with an option with less sugar and fewer kilojoules, sweetened from natural sources - with a blend of sugar and stevia. With 35% less sugar and 35% fewer kilojoules, compared to Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life has the similar great taste you would expect from Coca-Cola.

The launch of Coke Life is another positive step in fulfilling the business commitment we made in July 2013 to offer more lower kilojoule options. 

The Secret to Coke Life

While we can’t give away all our recipe secrets, we can tell you about stevia, which helps sweeten Coke Life.

A plant in the chrysanthemum family, its leaf is a unique source of intense natural sweetness. It’s native to Paraguay and has a long history going back to native people from South America.

Once stevia leaves reach their peak sweetness, they are harvested and dried, then soaked in water to unlock the best-tasting, sweet substance found in the leaf.  This extract is then filtered, purified, dried and crystalized. 

Coke Life Across the Globe

Coke Life has been well received in Argentina, Chile and the UK and we think that consumers in Australia and New Zealand will love it too.

We’re currently working towards the launch of Coke Life in Australia and New Zealand in April 2015. Keep an eye out for its distinctive green label, and keep checking here on Journey for updates.