For Coca-Cola Chile, the challenge was clear: the company needed to reduce sugar in its soft drinks, provide more low and no-sugar alternatives, and get people to actually try them.

Starting with sugar, the company had to rethink recipes for 32 drinks to reduce sugar over the last two years. Those actions have removed 10,700 tons of sugar to date with another 23,000 thousand tons to be removed in 2017. Translation: 40% of Coca-Cola Chile’s portfolio is now low or no-calorie options.

The Company’s —uniting all Coca-Cola variants under one marketing campaign—played a critical role in achieving this goal. In 2016 alone, Coca-Cola Zero saw 26% growth, which means today one in every four drinks is now a Coca-Cola Zero.

The Same Taste

Part of the challenge was making sure consumers who wanted to try our low and no-sugar varieties—namely Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Zero—could actually find them. To ensure these drinks are easy to find, Coca-Cola Zero is now available at 8 out of 10 stores and 100% of supermarkets nationally.

Once the company made sure they were available, they needed to get people to want to try them.

So they embarked on an ambitious sampling campaign, delivering more than 1 million samples throughout the country in outlets like supermarkets, bus terminals, and convenience stores. The results were so successful that the company reached 60% of the people they wanted to reach.

Coca-Cola Zero may have shed its all-black look for a touch of the Coke Red the world knows and loves, but the taste and results speak for themselves. Coca-Cola Zero continues to be one of the strongest performers for Coca-Cola Chile and will continue to refresh consumers looking for a great-tasting, zero-sugar sparkling drink for years to come.