Construction workers working far from their homes and families were surprised recently by a fleet of remote-controlled drones delivering care packages courtesy of Coca-Cola and the nonprofit organization Singapore Kindness Movement.

The customized drones dropped off boxes of Coke cans and more than 2,700 photos of Singaporeans with handwritten signs thanking the workers for building their city. The drones flew as high as the 35th story of construction sites to reach unsuspecting workers.

“By using technology in an innovative way, as a service to happiness, we were able to bring together two segments of the community who rarely interact,” said Leonardo O’Grady, ASEAN director of integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola. “We also worked alongside the Singapore Kindness Movement, and fulfilled a shared vision of providing the local man-on-the-street with an opportunity to show their appreciation for these guest workers work so hard and far away from home to contribute to the success of Singapore.”

Eugene Cheong, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, added, “This project is exciting because it touches on a universal social tension in modern society – the disconnect between guest workers and the local residents of the places that have become their home away from home. Construction workers, in particular, tend to be ‘invisible’ as they are working in areas that are not accessible to the average person. So in order to appreciate them, we first need to see them. This is what this video allows us to do.”