Meet the talented artists and hear about their inspiration with our new blog series.

Welcome to the first blog in our new series, "52 Songs of Happiness," a collection of unique and original music by emerging artists from all over the world.

"52 Songs" is a totally new way for bands to share their music and for people to discover it. Every artist involved has the opportunity to have their music heard by Coca-Cola’s online networks around the world, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to get their track in front of millions of potential fans. It could break 52 new artists in the course of a year!

Here at Music Dealers, we’ve been searching the globe to find 52 incredible up and coming artists to take part, inviting each amazing act to create a one-off song for Coca-Cola based around a treasured location. It’s been quite a journey for us, taking us all over the world meeting with artists from all genres of music.

Abi F Jones

Just one meeting was with Abi F Jones from Surrey, England. She was inspired to write a song about her local woods where she hung out with her friends and family, climbed trees, swung on branches and played "pooh sticks" in the river. The sense of freedom and clarity the woods brought Abi inspired her to start creating music at a very young age. We hope you enjoy her song, "Treetop," and all of the other great songs that we will be helping you discover.

Every artist in the 52 Songs has crafted an amazing experience and special location into their track. Each song will be released weekly via Coca-Cola Placelists. Did you miss the Coca-Cola Placelists announcement with Spotify? Click here.

Music Dealers is a global music company based in Chicago. We represent 20,000 talented musicians and help them find homes for their art with some of the worlds biggest and most creative brands, TV shows and movies. The artists who have written and performed the 52 songs are some of the best independent artists in the world. Who knows, you might (probably, definitely) even discover your new fave.

The first two artists and their interviews will be revealed on Wednesday, July 24. Each week, we’ll be introducing you to these talented artists and the amazing music they have created so you can hear and be inspired by their music.

Dan Kuypers

Dan Kuypers is senior creative director and music supervisor at Music Dealers. Together with Josh Burke, he is the creator and curator of the "52 Songs of Happiness" campaign. Dan has been with Music Dealers from close to the beginning, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company; having spent over a decade running EV Productions, a highly respected Chicago indie label, distributor and studio with nearly 50 releases to date. Dan is also a former touring musician. He is now the dedicated creative resource for Coca-Cola, working with markets across the world on everything from creating original songs for major global campaigns to sourcing artists from obscure countries for smaller projects, and everything in between. Dan is a true Chicagoan and a diehard White Sox fan.

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