What’s in Kiwi fridges right now? Non-sugar and low-sugar soft drink varieties are on trend, according to the New Zealand Beverage Council.

Recent Nielsen research shows Kiwis are drinking more water and fewer sugary soft drinks.

“Sales of low and no-calorie soft-drink options have jumped by 67 per cent between 2008 and 2016,” said New Zealand Beverage Council president Olly Munro.

“Water, coffee, tea and milk make up a whopping 84 per cent of what we’re drinking, with soft drinks sitting at 3.5 per cent, less than where it was 10 years ago.

“This shows that people are making more informed decisions around what they consume, particularly in relation to sugar,” Olly said.

“Fifty-three per cent of people surveyed said they are concerned about the role that sugar plays in their diet,” he said.

Consumption patterns overall seem to corroborate this, with the main items in the average supermarket trolley being fresh fruit, vegetables and proteins.

“It’s clear that Kiwis are taking a more active role in understanding what can be consumed often and what items are more occasional treat food and drinks,” Olly said.

Water remains the most popular drink for both children and adults in New Zealand – up more than 10 per cent on 2010 and growing.

Beverage companies such as Coca-Cola are taking the initiative and encouraging people to drink non-sugar varieties. “Our members continue to invest in product innovation, changes in pack sizes and marketing initiatives that have seen a major transformation take place in the category in the past five years, and the impact is significant,” Olly said.