Working for Coca-Cola can take you some surprising places…

For instance, brand manager Dino Bozzone recently found himself standing on Kingston Pier, handing out drinks to the locals of Norfolk Island.

In fact, the people of Norfolk were chosen as the first community in Australia to sample the newest product in the Coke range: Coca-Cola Life.

“For the launch of a product like Coke Life, with 35 per cent less sugar than Coca-Cola and with the natural sweetness of stevia and, we wanted to go somewhere that was surprising for Australians,” said Dino. “And the locals on Norfolk Island were definitely very, very surprised.”

Made using natural sweetener stevia, which is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar but contains zero kilojoules, Coke Life is a new low kilojoule option for the Coca-Cola portfolio. As part of the campaign advertising its release, Coke decided to capture the reactions of Australians trying it for the first time. “The campaign will be fairly documentary style, capturing the consumersreactions,” said Dino.

It was important to the Coke Life team that the campaign not simply replicate advertising from the past.

“For the launch of Coke Life we wanted to head to an Australian community where theyd least expect us,” explained Dino. “Normally for big Coke campaigns, were probably best known for going to the big iconic locations, whether it be Bondi or the Opera House.”

At 1,412 kilometres east of the mainland, Norfolk Island is arguably one of Australia’s most remote communities. With a population of roughly 2,000, there are no railways, waterways, ports or harbours on the island and cows have right of way on the roads.

It was no small effort getting to the far-flung island. “We had to get all our Coke Life product, crew and equipment to this very remote location,” Dino said.

Meanwhile, Cyclone Pam was closing in, causing havoc across the Pacific. Thankfully, Norfolk was spared. “When we turned up, it was just pouring with rain. But, when we started filming the sun came out,” recalled Dino. “The weather put on a good show; we got really lucky!”

It wasn’t only an unusual event for the locals; for Dino, travelling to Norfolk for the shoot was out of the ordinary too. “We don’t normally go on shoots, because weve got an amazing creative team,” he explained. “But, this campaign was really about Coca-Cola going to surprise the community. So, I personally wanted to go to deliver Coke Life and get peoples reactions.”

As exciting as the travel is, it’s the task of releasing a new Coke-branded product that really gets Dino. “I don’t think I could have asked for a more exciting campaign to work on. Coca-Cola doesnt launch new brands as part of the Coke family every day, and this is definitely the biggest thing weve done since the launch of Coke Zero [eight years ago],” he said. “Its amazing.

Coca-Cola Life launches nationwide on April 1.

Coca-Cola Life is the latest addition to the Coca-Cola Family.