The official launch of the Coca-Cola 100 years of Contour campaign hit the heart of Auckland City earlier this year.

The three month celebration of the contour bottle, draws on globally developed creative.


Inspired by the global 100 years campaign, Bootleg Design embarked on a challenge to build a one-of-its kind 3D billboard out of plastic contour bottles. By utilising exactly 1584 empty 600ml PET Coke bottles and 868 Coke Zero caps, four members of the Bootleg team spent 68 hours creating this unique ‘bottle billboard’.

“It was a quirky but very intricate and time consuming creative to build this first of its kind billboard here in NZ,” said Carl Moody, Director of Bootleg designs.

Erin Braithwaite, Brand Activation Manager at Coke NZ said: “Our Bottle Billboard in Parnell encourages people to reimagine what Coca-Cola can become.   We’re showing how happiness lives on through innovative use of our packs.”  

“The rest of our campaign billboards will also be put to good use, as we’re planning to turn the billboard “skins” into reusable satchels.”

The billboard is part of a nationwide campaign to celebrate the Coca-Cola bottle and its heritage in a modern and fun way.

The billboard can be seen in one of Auckland’s busiest suburbs, Parnell. 

In addition to the bottle billboard, a pop art gallery featuring 100 years of Coke contour artworks  will be installed in Auckland’s Britomart train station. Go to to learn more about 100 years and to be into win one of the gallery artworks at the end of the campaign.