Coca-Cola Oceania is delighted to rank third out of 25 of New Zealand’s largest food companies for its nutrition commitments.

The University of Auckland in New Zealand, alongside Deakin University in Australia, recently carried out an assessment of food and beverage companies for its Business Impact Assessment – Obesity and Population Level Nutrition (BIA Obesity) report. The criteria and modelling was based on the International Network for Food and Obesity/NCDs Research, Monitoring and Action Support (INFORMAS).

The study assessed the obesity prevention and nutrition related policies and commitments of 15 packaged food manufacturers, two beverage manufacturers, two supermarkets and six quick-service restaurants in New Zealand. It focused on company policies and commitments across six key domains related to obesity prevention and nutrition: corporate nutrition strategy, product formulation, product labelling, product and brand promotion, product accessibility, and relationships with other organisations.

General Manager Sandhya Pillay says within all these areas Coca-Cola Oceania scored within the top third of New Zealand companies.

“We take our responsibilities to customers very seriously so it’s great to see the work we’ve been doing reflected in the report. We are dedicated to helping Kiwis consume less sugar from our beverages and this year announced a target to reduce sugar across our portfolio by 10% by 2020.

“Further, we have made significant changes within our product portfolio, packaging and marketing communication, including expanding our range of low and no sugar beverages, reducing sugar in current products, increasing small packs (300mL or less) in more locations, providing transparent information about our products and marketing responsibly to drive choice.

“However we recognise there is always more that can be done.”

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