Wharariki Beach New Zealand

The world faces significant waste challenges. Plastic bottles, cans, and other containers keep ending up in our oceans and waterways or littering the communities in which we all live and work.

As a nation, New Zealand is looking for solutions to the plastic problem. But how do we tackle the massive issue of plastic ending up where it doesn’t belong?

Coca-Cola in New Zealand is committed to driving change and leading the beverage industry by example.

Our key commitments in creating a world without waste

We have a responsibility to help drive solutions for the global plastic waste crisis. That’s why, in 2018, we launched World Without Waste – an ambitious, sustainable packaging initiative that is creating systemic change by driving a circular economy for our bottles and cans. The World Without Waste strategy has signaled a renewed focus on our entire packaging lifecycle – from how bottles and cans are designed and produced to how they’re recycled and repurposed – through a focus on three fundamental goals:

  1. DESIGN: Make our packaging 100% recyclable globally by 2025, and use at least 50% recycled material in our packaging by 2030.
  2. COLLECT: Collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one we sell by 2030.
  3. PARTNER: Work together to support a healthy, debris-free environment.

Globally, we’ve made strides in several key areas, with more work to come. 

Coca-Cola New Zealand waste initiatives

Here in New Zealand, we’ve been working hard to make progress against these goals, improving the amount of bottles made from recycled material, and working with Government, industry and environmental partners.

No one can solve this issue alone, but if we all do our bit, together we can make a big change. We acknowledge that we still have a long way to go. But for now, we want to reassure Kiwis that we can be counted on to do what we commit to – and that is to lead from the front to help create a World Without Waste.