Carl Edkins, Knowledge and Insights Manager, Coca-Cola Oceania.

As a total beverage company in a constantly changing world, our key challenge is to meet our customers’ beverage needs in every possible occasion.

Research tells us we can no longer look at a single person as a target market. One person’s needs differ day by day, moment by moment and occasion by occasion- and are continually evolving as our world evolves around us.

For example, you may wake up in the morning and have a cup of tea, go to the gym and drink a sports drink, have a coffee mid-morning, drink water at work, have an organic juice or ginger beer over lunch, have a glass of wine or beer after work and finish the day off with a cup of herbal tea. At some of these times you choose a no or low sugar drink and on other days you may decide to give yourself a treat.

That’s at least seven occasions with seven different drinks. Water meets a core need of quenching thirst, could be used for each of those occasions and we all know it should be our first drink of choice. However the reality is there are many occasions when people want more than water and taste is fundamental to the feeling that a drink has satisfied us.

We drink non-alcoholic drinks for a variety of reasons. Some days it might be as a pick-me-up on a long, slow afternoon, other days it might be a relaxant after work, the next day it could be as pure refreshment out in the sun and the day after that it could be part of a celebration.

What drives us is ensuring we give people a range of drinks that not only meet their needs but taste great, offer plenty of low and no sugar options across the full portfolio and provide information to help them make fully informed choices.