Making Happy in Wellington

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone decided that rather than always focusing on themselves, they could bring a little happiness to others by doing something a little unexpected and spontaneous?

August was an exciting month for Coca-Cola; we brought our own unexpected moments of happiness to Wellington and Whakapapa by installing swing sets in a couple of locations, bringing our Make Someone Happy campaign to life. If you weren't around to join in on the fun, here’s how it went:

As the sun was rising in Whakapapa the first skiers and boarders of the day started to come up the mountain on the chair lifts. As they peered down with intrigue and surprise - they couldn't help but come over and check out the Coca-Cola swings. 

We were in the snow with an amazing backdrop of the snowy mountains and beautiful countryside. As the day went on we saw countless reactions and happiness shared that was just priceless. People couldn't stop laughing and smiling as they enjoyed the swings. 

The double swings allowed people to share the moment with their friends and in some cases, total strangers! There was a lot of laughter and happiness shared on the slopes, although the highlight would have to be a very special moment of happiness shared – we had a wedding proposal on the swing set!

Our Wellington activation was slightly different. We set up on a  gloomy Monday morning in the CBD ready to activate in the evening. This activation was totally unexpected for those passing by - swinging was probably the last thing they expected to be doing on their way home from work!

The energy and excitement that was shared was really something special. People that were walking by would notice the swings and instantly respond by jumping on the swings – a great way to inject a little happiness into anyone’s Monday evening!

Check out the happiness shared here: