Maybe you heard about it from a friend.  Maybe you strolled by to see what the commotion was about.  Or maybe, just maybe, you were one of the big winners!  If not, let me give you some inside scoop to what you missed.

I’m Claire, one of the brand ambassadors for Coke.  Over the past few weeks, I was all over the country helping kick off an awesome Lift+ activation called “Crack the Crate” that took New Zealand by storm!   The point was to get people to ‘think sharp’ and use their noodles to win prizes.  Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland, Ruapehu, Coronet Peak and Mount Hutt - we did 19 activations over six weeks and gave away more than 60,000 cans of Lift+ at all the major universities and ski fields across the country.  

Crack the Crate 2

At each event, our team encouraged people to play the Lift+ ‘Think Sharp’ game on the touch screens supplied or by downloading the app on their smart phone (you should download it.  It’s super fun.  But be warned—it’s addictive!).  Amazing stuff was given out, like Converse shoes, Kathmandu Puffer jackets, and Lower beanies.  It was really nice to be able to reward people when they were least expecting it –we actually had some very happy gamers call their family to tell them what they’d won thanks to Lift+.

All the scores from throughout the day contributed to filling up the energy gauge on a massive crate. Once the gauge hit 100%, it triggered the cracking of the crate which meant loads of free stuff for everyone in attendance. Not surprisingly, people started crowding around the crate once the gauge got to around 90% so they could secure the best spots and the excitement built as we got closer to ‘maximum energy’.  There were cheers all round once the gauge hit 100% and everyone was more than ready to get their hands on free stuff!

The crate cracking was always a moment of crazy, but good crazy! Everyone thought it was too good to be true when they had the opportunity to stock up on Lift+ and take it home to share with their friends and flatmates. There were also a number of lucky tickets hidden in the crate with all those lucky people taking home even more cool stuff! It never took long for all the product to be redeemed and everyone walked away happy. Whether they walked home with a single can, or a six pack, a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Beats by Dre headphones, everyone had a blast.


Crack the Crate 1