Last week Coke NZ WON a slew of awards at the annual non-alcoholic New Zealand beverage awards, including SUPREME award for its recently launched Schweppes Classic Ginger beer.


The Awards night is a showcase to promote the high quality and innovative non-alcoholic beverages produced in NZ.  The judging panel is comprised of independent beverage experts.


Coke NZ Awards:

 Schweppes Classic Ginger beer received Best New to Market, Best Carbonated Beverage and SUPREME AWARD (larger producer) –with one judge saying “Great tasting ginger beer, a real fun alcohol alternative”.


Baker and Halls Lemon and Barley won the Best Low Calorie Beverage -“Elegant bottle matches quality of flavour, a traditional classic.”


A new award category this year was the Corporate Social Responsibility Award which we are delighted to say Coke NZ won with its constant efforts to help address obesity, and support healthy active lifestyles.- “A very conscientious effort by Coke NZ to address energy intake of young people with a combined product and activity programme. “


Gold Certificate award for Schweppes Spicy Ginger beer in the carbonated category.

Silver Certificate awards for- Fuze Tea-Peach in the Tea based beverage category; Deep Springs Naturals Apple and Feijoa and Pear and Passion fruit in the Lifestyle category; Keri Pulpy Orange and Mango, and Keri Juice Spicy Tomato and Zico Coconut Water in the Long Life Fruit juice category; Kiwi Blue Lightly Sparkling Lime in the flavoured water category; Schweppes Old Fashioned Lemonade in the Carbonated category and finally Baker Halls Low Calorie Lime in the Low Calorie category


An awesome night full of many wins!!