At less than three decades old, the Rugby World Cup remains a relative newcomer to the stage of global sport, yet it has wasted little time establishing itself as one of the world’s biggest and best-loved events. Almost 4 billion viewers tuned in to the 2011 tournament in New Zealand. And this year’s tournament in England – which started out with 20 teams over a month ago and is now down to four semifinalists – could rewrite the record books once again.

To prepare for 2015 Rugby World Cup mania and satisfy the sport’s passionate fanbase, the Coca-Cola Great Britain team published a robust editorial packagededicated to this year’s tournament. The site is loaded with insightful feature stories, videos, infographics and more to delight seasoned veterans and novices alike. Their “Instant Expert” series, in particular, is a must-read for rugby newcomers.

Here are 10 Rugby World Cup highlights from our friends across the pond:

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