Our Way Forward

Like all New Zealanders, we are concerned about rising obesity rates in this country. We are dedicated to helping Kiwis consume less sugar from our beverages, making significant changes within our product portfolio, packaging and marketing communication.

Last year we announced an ambitious goal to reduce the sugar by 20% across our portfolio of drinks by 2025. We will achieve this by continuing our reformulation and new product innovation programme and harnessing our marketing capabilities to encourage more people to choose our lower kilojoule and no sugar options more often.

Since 2015, we’ve reduced the sugar in 10 products and will continue the reformulation of existing recipes. For example, this year we have launched Fanta Orange with 35% less sugar* as well as reduced the sugar in Schweppes Sparkling Duet Lemon & Orange by 26%**.

Recent no sugar products launched include Frozen Coke No Sugar, Voyage still and sparkling water, Powerade Active Water Mango (no sugar) and Coke No Sugar Orange (limited edition).

Coca-Cola in New Zealand is proud to have one of the most diverse product portfolios in the world. It is made up of more than 120 products across 21 brands with over half our brands offering low or no sugar alternatives.

Sales of Coca-Cola drinks without sugar have grown 22% in the past two years now one out of two Coca-Colas bought by Kiwis have no sugar. Across our entire portfolio of drinks, over two thirds of our market growth has been in low or no sugar drinks – up from 34% two years ago.

Plus the sale of small packs (300mL and under) has increased 15% in the past two years they’re now available in 97% of supermarkets.

At Coca-Cola we want to be as open and transparent as possible in our actions to help reduce obesity, so others can have input on the steps we take in this journey. We will continue to report on our progress against our commitments in this and other areas.

*Compared to Fanta Orange July 2020

**Compared to Schweppes Sparkling Duet Lemon & Orange March 2020