Senior Functional Leadership- Nancy W. Quan

Nancy W. Quan

Global Research and Development Officer
The Coca-Cola Company

Nancy W. Quan is Global Research and Development Officer for The Coca-Cola Company, based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is responsible for leading global R&D priorities across both short- and long-term projects, and for setting the Global R&D agenda; working in close partnership with the operations and all key functions. In this role, Ms. Quan oversees and connects the agenda of the regional R&D centers, which serve the business needs in each group, as well as collaborate on the overall global R&D agenda. Nancy's responsibilities also include coordination of the External Technology Assessment/Acquisition (ETA) capabilities on behalf of the wider technical community, through which Coca-Cola structures strategic partnerships with Universities, key suppliers, research centers, and others to support our global R&D agenda for sustained competitive advantage.

Ms. Quan started with The Coca-Cola Company in 2007 as R&D General Manager for Europe and Eurasia Group based in Brussels, Belgium. Following this, she moved to the Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, where she took on the role of Vice President Innovation, working with all R&D centers and center functions. She led her team to develop longer term strategic initiatives, established the Global Innovation Platforms, and identified R&D best practice, developing key capabilities for the global R&D community.

Following this role, Ms. Quan moved to Shanghai, China, to take on the role of Vice President, Research and Development, Pacific Group. Her areas of responsibility included leading the R&D centers for the Pacific Region: the Global Innovation Technology Center located in Shanghai, the Japan R&D center, and the Development center in Delhi, India.

Prior to joining The Coca-Cola Company, Ms. Quan worked with Mars Incorporated for 18 years across multiple continents; and a diverse portfolio range, including food, confectionery and pet care products. In her time with Mars, she held key leadership roles with responsibilities in the areas of Research and Development, Nutrition, Quality, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, and Business Development. Her career has taken her to a host of different countries and has given her the opportunity to experience a range of diverse cultures.

Ms. Quan holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Food Chemistry and Nutrition from Purdue University.