As one of New Zealand’s leading beverage companies, Coca-Cola New Zealand* endorses and commits to the government’s recently announced Healthy Kids Industry Pledge. We have already made significant changes within our product portfolio, packaging and communications and will continue to seek ways to support healthy beverage consumption in New Zealand. 

We know that beverages play many different roles in the lives of each New Zealander and we are continually looking at ways to increase beverage choice with products that meet those needs in relevant and enjoyable ways.

Ways we are helping kiwis to moderate and reduce their energy intake from beverages include:

  • Increasing our range of low kilojoule and no sugar varieties.  
  • Reformulating to reduce the sugar content of existing products 
  • Providing and actively promoting smaller packs.
  • Displaying the Healthy Star Rating system’s “energy icon” clearly on front of our packs.  
  • Marketing responsibly by ensuring those under the age of 14 are not directly targeted in our advertising and promotions. 

Today all of our top selling brands now offer a low kilojoule alternative. And they are increasingly popular. A third of our sales are low or no kilojoule drinks**. Over the past two years alone, sales of our low and no kilojoule beverages have had double digit growth, with our bottled water sales, in particular, up 63.4% ***. 

Kiwis are also responding positively to the greater choice of smaller, portion control packs, with sales of our small packs increasing 25.3% over the past two years.****

Through innovation in product reformulation, we have been reducing the sugar content in some of our most well-known brands. Such as our Keri juice drink which has 30% less sugar and kilojoules compared with our previous formulation and our recently launched Coca-Cola Life which has 35% less sugar and kilojoules than Coca-Cola Classic by using the sweetener stevia.  Within our Coca-Cola trademark we offer two no sugar variants (Diet Coke and Coke Zero) and one reduced sugar when compared with Coke variant (Coke Life). 

Product and packaging innovation, including use of sweeteners and new ingredients will further increase the choices we make available to kiwis.

We remain committed to taking actions to help reduce obesity in New Zealand and work with independent experts to ensure that the latest scientific research and consumer insights guide our actions. 

As members of the New Zealand Beverage Council we are working with the wider beverage industry to achieve similar goals across the beverage industry. 


* Coca-Cola New Zealand collectively refers to Coca-Cola Oceania and Coca-Cola Amatil NZ.

** NZ Nielsen volume Measured Market MAT 25/09/2016

*** NZ Nielsen volume Measured Market MAT 25/09/2016 v MAT 28/9/2014

**** NZ Nielsen scan Total Measured Market MAT 25/09/2016. Small packs = 329ml and under

About The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Oceania and Coca-Cola Amatil NZ 

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Coca‑Cola Amatil (N.Z.) Ltd is the authorised manufacturer and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company’s beverage brands in New Zealand. Coca-Cola Oceania Ltd, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, provides marketing and technical/quality services to The Coca-Cola Company in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The Healthy Kids industry Pledge

We understand the serious impact of obesity on the health and well-being of the children of New Zealand. We will identify and contribute solutions that will aim to help reduce rates of obesity for all children.

This means we are committing, where appropriate, to:

  • consider options for innovation and the reformulation of products to ensure children and their families have easy access to healthier food options
  • continue to enhance labelling to help families make healthy choices for their children, including supporting the government’s health star ratings
  • continue to provide fact-based information to help families make healthy choices for their children
  • support responsible marketing, advertising, and sponsorship of foods to children that supports healthy nutrition
  • support the government's efforts to address differences in health outcomes for different population groups, particularly Māori and Pacific peoples
  • identify and communicate specific activities that we will undertake within our business, and publicly report on our progress.