In 2018, The Coca-Cola Company pledged robust World Without Waste goals to collect and recycle the equivalent of a bottle or can for every one the company sells by 2030; to make 100% of its packaging recyclable globally by 2025; and to use at least 50% recycled material in its packaging by 2030.

In New Zealand, we have significantly increased our investment in recycled plastic. All of our plastic bottles under 1 litre and all of our water bottles in all sizes are made from 100% recycled plastic. Our caps and labels are not currently made from recycled content but we are exploring technical options to help us address this. An independent audit of our packaging confirmed, 100% of our cans, glass and plastic bottles are recyclable in New Zealand. 

In New Zealand, we’ve welcomed the Government’s announcement to consider a beverage Container Return Scheme as part of their work programme for waste to accelerate New Zealand’s transition towards a circular economy. We are supportive of a not-for-profit model Container Return Scheme and we help run some of the most effective container return schemes over in Australia in partnership with the government. We are utilising our expertise and experience and actively working with government and stakeholders to help create an effective not for profit container return scheme in NZ.

Through The Coca-Cola Foundation we’ve provided a grant to local environmental group Sea Cleaners that has been valued at more than $300,000NZD every year since 2018. More than 4.8 million pieces of marine litter will be removed from waterways around Auckland this year as a result.