We’re proud to be a signatory to the Ministry for the Environment’s New Zealand Plastic Packaging Declaration, committing to using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging across our operations by 2025 or earlier.

To ensure our bottles and cans can get recycled we encourage people to use their Council kerbside collection and recycling bins while they are out and about.

In New Zealand, all our plastic bottles smaller than 1 litre and plastic water bottles in all sizes are now made from recycled plastic. Our caps and labels are not currently made from recycled content but we are exploring technical options to help us address this. New Zealand’s onshore recycling capability continues to grow with Flight Plastics processing PET plastic into rigid food-grade rPET (recycled PET) products.

We also welcomed the Government’s announcement in 2019 that they are working on a container return scheme in New Zealand, where you can return your bottle and cans for a 5-10 cent refund. We run some of the most effective container return schemes over in Australia and will utilise our expertise and experience to help design an effective and not for profit container return scheme in NZ. You can read more here.