In New Zealand, all of our plastic bottles under 1 litre and all of our water bottles in all sizes are made from 100% recycled plastic. Our caps and labels are not currently made from recycled content but we are exploring technical options to help us address this. We also invested in the first Coca-Cola campaign in NZ solely focused on encouraging recycling.

In New Zealand, we’ve welcomed the Government’s announcement that it was developing a beverage Container Return Scheme. We support a collection program where the Beverage Industry and Government form a Not-for-Profit Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) to act as the Managing Agency of the scheme. The PRO collects fees from Beverage Companies and uses these fees to pay consumers a 10c deposit for returning containers and community organisations and recycling companies for collecting containers. We are utilising our expertise and experience and actively working with government and stakeholders to help create an effective not for profit container return scheme in NZ.