“I started work at Coca-Cola India after business school – there’s no better place to learn the science of marketing,” she said.

“Then my husband got recruited for a role in Australia – so we made the decision to move. One of the best things about Coca-Cola is that it’s a company that's everywhere!”

Greishma Singh headshot
 Greishma found her experience in the Indian market to be a help, not a hindrance, in her role in Australia. She was delighted to find out that Coca-Cola’s culture is truly global.

“It’s a culture made up of people and its people are the number one drawing factor,” Greishma said. “There’s no one here on my floor that I couldn’t learn from – or be happy to have lunch with.”

In her role as Brand Manager Greishma works with external agencies and different internal departments.

“A lot of time is spent with the overall brand team, in-house experts, and with Coca-Cola Amatil making sure our programs are really customer relevant and coming to life in store,” she said.

“We spend a lot of time as a team working through the best way to do stuff. I enjoy that the most – it’s a very cool team.”

Like a lot of Coca-Cola employees, Greishma lists a vibrant environment as one of her favourite things about her workplace.

“It’s always challenging – there’s always something to put your mind to,” she said.