Meet Delina Shields, our Group Marketing Manager for New Zealand and Pacific Islands Operations.

Delina has been with The Coca-Cola Company for ten years next February.

We asked her about the best part of your role: 

I get to work with an amazing team of people on my favourite brand in the entire world, Coca-Cola as well as the rest of our amazing portfolio.  It is a real privilege to work on world-leading brands, and we do best in class activation here in New Zealand that we should be incredibly proud of.

Work/life balance what do you do to unwind?

I am lucky enough to live on the beach and find a walk beside the sea with Dave my golden retriever does wonders to get a bit of perspective.

A typical day for Delina is shared between collaborating with bottler colleagues, agency partners and key stakeholders, and working with her team to deliver brand plans and programs. The most interesting part of her job is discovering new consumer insights and working out how to deliver brand communication and innovation that will resonate with consumers. “When it all comes together and then you see the impact in the marketplace, it’s magic,” she said.

The fast pace of her job means Delina is always learning – both on the job and from her colleagues around the world. “Coca-Cola is all about pushing the limits of what’s possible and constantly trying new ways to engage with consumers and build our brands,” she said. “I love the pace and the fact that there is still new stuff to do and to learn every day.”