Karen, Public Affairs Manager NZ, has been with Coca-Cola NZ for 8 years now.

Karen loves her team here at Coke NZ and the people she works with on a day to day basis.

“Working with A hugely passionate bunch of people who challenge one another every day to ensure we (them and Coke NZ) always put our best foot forward.”

She loves being involved in innovation, which is such a huge part of Coke NZ’s DNA. And that’s not just product innovation.  That’s innovation in how we market and sell our products, innovation in our brand and community programmes, innovation in the way we take to heart being good corporate citizens and even innovation in our systems and processes.   Exciting!  

“Every day is different.  Truly.  In my eight years I’ve never had one day the same.  Being in Public Affairs means I have a key custodian role of Coke NZ’s reputation.  So every facet of my role must support our positive reputation so that New Zealanders continue to provide our “social licence to operate”. That is done by sharing and being transparent on our Company, our products and portfolio and the way that we operate.  In particular the commitments we hold ourselves to, to be good corporate citizens.”   

So in a “typical” day she might start the day by responding to a media enquiry about the company or one of our products, interacting with one of our many external stakeholders, attending a nutrition forum, maybe working on a community programme that makes her proud to work for Coke NZ.   One thing she makes sure she does every day though, is to find the fun and laugh, at least once! 

One question ask was does she have a work/life balance and if so what does she do to unwind:

“I think we all need to do more to achieve better work life harmony.  However, if I really need to put aside my busy schedule, every now and again I escape Auckland with my husband and head north to our wee Bach on the beautiful Kaipara Harbour.  Our Bach is in a small village of 30 people, where there are no shops, no amenities, no fences between properties and no pretensions.  Just genuine local people who don’t give two hoots about corporate life.  They’d much rather go out fishing with you and have a quiet bevvy or two over a BBQ.  Bliss. “